You and Me Versus the World - Jeremiah Barber

© 2014 Nineteen Eighty Seven Track: You and Me Versus the World (featuring Mac Lethal)

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Directed & Visuals by - Balázs Hatvani Movierockets Entertainment / Hatvani Amusements LLC.

Source Video Recording Supervisor Brian Hicks (

Chris Hackett - "Making Of" Producer / Camera Technician (

Josh Barber - Recording Engineer / Choreographer

Stephanie Gallegos - Makeup Artist

Clinton Martens - Camera Technician

JT Florez - Camera Technician

Chris Springhower - Camera Technician

Performers: Nate Williams - Vocalist

Jeremiah Barber - Guitarist

Jason Foster - Keyboardist

Jeremy Tracy - Percussionist

Billy Smith - Bassist

Music by: Nathan Williams, Jeremiah Barber, Jason Foster

Lyrics by: Nathan Williams, Jeremiah Barber, Mac Lethal

Mac Lethal appears courtesy of Black Clover Records

Mac Lethal

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